Global Expansion, M&A, Diversification and Global Partnership

Corporate Strategy

We review client company growth requirements, provide global market information, identify client’s key strategic advantages and advise on company’s global expansion strategy.

Identifying Targets

We undertake market studies and provide market intelligence. We identify appropriate takeover/merger targets, start initial investigation and discussions on behalf of our client, narrow the field and focus on the final selections.

Manage the Acquisition Process

We manage the due-diligence process, produce business plan, determine financing needs and optimum capital structure, lead contract negotiation, advise on HR, trade union, local government regulation and taxation issues.

Business Restructuring, Consolidation and Disposals

Corporate Strategy

We review client’s current business, their products and financial status, advise on business restructuring plans and set critical restructuring/disposal objectives.

Prepare the Business

We identify potential acquisition targets, package the business for sale to the targets and formulate a marketing strategy with key value drivers.

Promote and Dispose the Business

We prepare marketing materials, approach selected acquirers, narrow the field and progress the preferred acquirers, CVL will lead negotiation through to the final conclusion of the sale contract.

Joint Ventures, Technology Transfer and License Operation

We are the leading consultant for setting up joint venture, technology transfer or licensed operation in China.

Strategy in China

We review the client’s objectives in China, provide information on the market and any government regulation relevant to the sector. Then advise and agree on core strategy and criteria.

Identify Partners

We select possible Chinese Joint Venture/Cooperation candidates, validate and ensure that potential partners are qualified.

Setting Up Joint Venture/Cooperation

We support all activities from due-diligence and feasibility studies through to commercial and technical negotiations including government lobbying, to final implementation of the JV or Cooperation agreement.

Interim Management

Worldwide Operation

We provide interim management for Chinese company’s initial operations in the West and vice versa.

Wealth of Resource

We have a network of extremely experienced industrial specialists with business turn around track records.

  • Management Services
  • Long and Short Term Strategy
  • Sales, Marketing and Brand Positioning
  • Products Engineering
  • Purchasing
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial and legal support in conjunction with other professional companies
  • Assets Disposal and consolidation

Global Sourcing and Supply Chain Management

We assist customers in strategic global sourcing activities. We provide one-stop consulting services on every key process in the business chain.

We help suppliers in meeting all European regulations and specific industry requirements.

  • Sourcing strategies
  • In-depth market Information and analysis on suppliers, products and costs
  • Supplier selection and ranking
  • Contract negotiation
  • Engineering and technical support
  • Import/export regulations
  • Shipping and logistic planning
  • Quality auditing prior to delivery

Franchising and Distribution Network

We help to set up international franchising or distribution networks

Franchising/Distribution Strategy

We undertake feasibility studies, assess the viability of franchising, provide market research, develop international franchising strategy and complete business plan.

Business Preparation

We produce user friendly but detailed franchising operation manuals, develop financial models and financing package, prepare branding, commercial and legal franchising documents, identify resource requirement and develop training programs.

Implementation and Ongoing Support

We establish pilot operations, monitor pilot results and advising possible improvements, marketing franchising opportunity, select and validate candidates, implement franchising, support training program, monitor and review the performance of the existing network.

Market Study, Interpretation and Translation

Market Study and Analysis

We work in junction with specialist companies and institutes to provide in depth market studies and analysis for particular sector or industries our client in or wish to enter.Language: Chinese to English and English to Chinese

Language: Chinese to English and English to Chinese

We provide high standard, confidential translation and interpretation services for our clients for both Chinese to English and English to Chinese.

Experienced Team of Professionals

Our team of interpreters are highly skilled with many years Chinese and western project management experience. All of our members are Chinese born but have lived and worked in native English speaking countries. Our team are professionals in a variety of disciplines.

Our Approach

We only provide interpreters with specific industrial knowledge for the subject concerned. Our interpreter assist our client with not only the simple language interpretation but help with culture, communication and negotiation. They often become the main interface between client and their counter-part and an integrated team member on the project.

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