The New Tech Boom Happening In Britain

One tech giant after another committed its future to the UK. First Google told the world it'll build a brand new headquarters in King's Cross. Then Facebook announced it'll double its UK operations by 2017. And on top of that IBM's multi-million pound investment...

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Cleaning Up Out Toxic Air

Air pollution in Europe costs more than £1.5trn a year-roughly equivalent to a tenth of the continent's GDP, according to a 2015 study by the World Health Organisation. The study, covering EU and non-EU states, is the first attempt of its kind to calculate the...

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When To Buy Into Tech

New technology can be a risky business. From the railway mania of the 1840s to the technology bubble of 1999-2001, paper fortunes have been made and lost almost overnight. Indeed, the boom-bust-recovery cycle has played itself out so many times that Gartner, a leading...

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Oversea Investors Compete to Acquiring UK Businesses

Oversea Investors Compete to Acquiring UK Businesses Buyers from overseas are snapping up UK businesses, while the domestic buyers remain cautious . Recent figures show that 75 per cent of UK company takeovers now being completed by foreign buyers. Just ten years ago,...

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