Case Studies

Investment in Trenchless Technology for Pipeline Renewal

CVL Introduced Investment into Aqualiner, a company based in the Midland UK that developed and the trenchless pipe renewal and rehabilitation technology with patented method to line the corroded water mains and sewers with a structural and thermoplastic material.

Investing in Cleantech – SolaQuaGen

CVL has successfully raised the initial funding required from Chinese investors for SolaQuaGen, a company developed most advanced and cost effective patented, modular technology for desalination and water purifications using low temperature waste heat.

We are working on its second round of fund raising for the worldwide expansion.

Steelmin, Bosnia

CVL has found investor from China for Steelmin – a Fe-Si manufacturer in Bosnia. Steelmin Bosnia is one of the oldest Fe-Si manufacturer in Europe with over 80 years history. It stopped production during the war. There is more demand than supply for Fe-Si in the Europe.

Steelmin needed further investment and manufacturer partners. China Ventures successfully found investor , one of the largest Chinese Fi-Si company for the firm.


CVL acquired LDV, a historic UK light commercial vehicle manufacturer, from administration and formed partnership with SAIC. Completed facility consolidation and moved all IPR and the major production facilities to China. Eco Concept Ltd was formed to continue the UK and European business.LDV


MG Rover

MG RoverCVL was the key adviser to Nanjing Automobile Corporation (NAC) in its acquisition of the assets of the former MG Rover Group.CVL provided

  • Advice on NAC’s UK and global strategy.
  • Advice on marketing and sales strategy.
  • Advice on legal and financial matters.
  • Constructing business plan and setting up business partnership.
  • Assisting on site management and consolidation.
  • Managing the vendor tooling collection.
  • Assisting in Setting Up New Suppliers Base.
  • Interim Management Support for NAC-MG UK Operation in Longbridge.

Following the acquisition, CVL continued to act as a consultant to NAC to develop its overall global strategy and to establish partnerships to underpin the future MG operation.

MG Rover MG Rover

Johnson Security

CVL managed the acquisition and continues to provide strategic advice.

Johnson Security

  • Jointly acquired Johnson Security Ltd (JSL) with Four Dimensions Beijing Ltd in April 2004.
  • Consolidated the UK business and China joint venture.
  • Provided interim management for for the UK business.
  • JSL had cash flow difficulties and a loss of £1.4m in year ending June 2004.
  • Finances turned around within one year resulting in an operating profit of £0.5m in June 2005 with turnover increased from £9m to £16m.
  • Focused on the development of new technology in the security industry. Such as: Cash Box and Electronic Sniffer etc.
  • Managed further acquisition activities.
  • Managed the exit of minority shareholders in 2007.

Johnson Security

Renault Dodge 50 Series

Completed the Turnkey Transfer of the complete manufacturing facilities for Renault 50 1.5 to 7.5 ton LCV (including the paintshop) and continued to support the development of RB44 (a 4x4 version of the vehicle).

Renault Dodge 50 Series Renault Dodge 50 Series

Bedford TM

Completed the turnkey transfer of Bedfordshire based heavy duty truck production facility to First Tractor Company Ltd in China.

  • Transferred the complete tooling and production facility to China.
  • Provided continued product engineering support.
  • Managed the parts export to the UK to satisfy the spares market.
Bedford TM Bedford TM

Luxury Yacht Industry in China

With the rapid growth of the economy, China’s recreational marine market is forecast to expand sharply in the coming years. Business experts estimate that the overall market value will reach USD10 billion over the next decade.

Although there are at present only a handful of marinas in China, dozens more are either under construction or in the planning process.The Shanghai municipal government is in the process of announcing plans for the city’s yachting industry development for the next two decades. The government has decided to build sailing & motor yacting marinas and mooring centers along the downtown river as part of their efforts to re-establish Shanghai as a world-class city.

Other cities and areas in China that either have on-going marina projects, or are still in the planning process include Zhoushan, Qingdao, Dalian, Ningbo, Beihai, Dongguan, Shengzhen and Hainan Island.

CVL has invested significant effort over the last few years and has identified and has engaged companies with well known worldwide brands, designs and technology to work with and are ready to provide China with the necessary design, technology and know how. CVL is also targeting a number of potential acquisition opportunities.

Luxury Yacht Industry in China yacht2

Aerospace In China

China has created a 30 billion RMB fund to support large aircraft technology and manufacturing. As with automobiles, China is determined to manufacture their own aircraft.

The fund management company is located in Xian with registered capital of RMB 300 million. Like the automotive industry, the market will develop once China has the technology and capability to produce it own aircraft.

CVL has made a significant effort in this market sector. Interestingly the recession in the west over the last few years, has resulted in a number of companies requiring investment to continue to with their advanced development. As a consequence CVL has secured some marvelous opportunities with in the Aero Space industry. 

Aerospace In China Aerospace In China

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