The New Tech Boom Happening In Britain

One tech giant after another committed its future to the UK. First Google told the world it’ll build a brand new headquarters in King’s Cross. Then Facebook announced it’ll double its UK operations by 2017. And on top of that IBM’s... read more

Cleaning Up Out Toxic Air

Air pollution in Europe costs more than ¬£1.5trn a year-roughly equivalent to a tenth of the continent’s GDP, according to a 2015 study by the World Health Organisation. The study, covering EU and non-EU states, is the first attempt of its kind to calculate the... read more

When To Buy Into Tech

New technology can be a risky business. From the railway mania of the 1840s to the technology bubble of 1999-2001, paper fortunes have been made and lost almost overnight. Indeed, the boom-bust-recovery cycle has played itself out so many times that Gartner, a leading... read more

Oversea Investors Compete to Acquiring UK Businesses

Oversea Investors Compete to Acquiring UK Businesses Buyers from overseas are snapping up UK businesses, while the domestic buyers remain cautious . Recent figures show that 75 per cent of UK company takeovers now being completed by foreign buyers. Just ten years ago,... read more

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